your love is different. and so should be your wedding pictures.

documentary wedding photography for creative and adventurous souls

+ my promise to you

i won’t boss you around. i won’t ask you to be an actor and pretend to be someone you are not. i won’t put up a fashion show. i won’t give you sugarcoated meows. or BS. or fairy tales.
i will stay out of your way. i will let you be true you. i will be there and i won’t miss a beat.

beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

– coco chanel


man is carrying a woman at the Milwaukee wedding on New Years Eve while knocking down tree with light strings





i know you have other things to do on your wedding day than worry about photography. like hold each others hands, laugh with and just enjoy your beautiful celebration at its fullest. and it doesn’t matter whether you are planning big or small- i am all about letting you be you and taking care of the rest.
these are few some random reasons why we would make a good team. and with a good team wedding day is more enjoyable for everybody.

01. you live today

that pretty much says it all. today as not yesterday. today as not tomorrow. but today as if it was your last day on planet earth.
and you celebrate your marriage and people in it accordingly.

02. you are not your dress.

your wedding story will rock! it will have tears, laughter, hugs and all the love in the world. and no flowers, ring or dress image will ever match the importance of the images with you two and your loved ones.

03. it’s not about the money

i don’t care whether your wedding is over the roof extravaganza, simple DIY wedding made with teeny-tiny budget or if its adventurous elopement to patagonia. your wedding is as good as you feel about it.

04. you enjoy being yourself

which phrase you want to be saying in 15 years: “we thought it would look cool and people would like it on facebook.” or “this is real me. this is who i was at that time. this is how it happened.”? be yourself. i’ll take care of the rest.


+ signature weddings

i like to think my pictures aren’t half bad (wink wink) and i like to think wedding stories i document speak for themselves. it’s the stories that celebrate imperfection and evydayness. and they do so by exploring and exposing intimate moments of everyday people.
no scripts. no princesses. no unicorns.
real moments. real people.




“be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

– bernard m. maruch


man is breathing rapidly while jumping up and down on the dance fllor

+ artist. dreamer. adventurer.

i am originally from lithuania and i’ve been resident of madison wi for 15+ years. for the last 5 i’ve been a full time award-winning documentary wedding and editorial photographer. in general i’m more like a “baking soda and vinegar” kind-of-guy who enjoys simplicity, minimalism and daily walks around the neighborhood with his dog and a small camera i his pocket.
my life would be incomplete without my family, traveling, art, challenges, biking, exciting days, rough days, good reads, outdoors and a splash of good bourbon.