I am thrilled you’ve made your way to here and want to find out more!

about me

We most likely have never met before. Maybe we exchanged some emails, maybe we talked over the phone. And now you are wondering: who the hell is this guy with mild (-ish) Northern European accent. Why is he in his underwear (picture below) hugging bride and groom in the middle of the desert? Can I trust him to document my wedding day?

So here we go: a little introduction about me as a wedding photographer (and why I do it) and me as a human being.

wedding photographer with a wedding couple posing after wedding in Black Rock Dessert, Nevada

Sandi and Andy and I after their wedding ceremony I photographed in Black Rock Desert in 2015 during the Burning Man festival.

my wedding photography philosophy

I wouldn’t be a wedding photographer if I wouldn’t love it. Simple as that. You’re are reading all this, because I’m passionate about what I do, because I care, and because I believe. If wedding photography wouldn’t have something that I enjoy, I simply wouldn’t be here.

And honestly, this philosophy of being involved with things I care about applies to most of what I do in my life.

Wedding photography style I practice is called wedding photojournalism (or documentary wedding photography). I take it very seriously. And while this type of coverage requires good skills in observations and anticipation, I would take it any given day above any other wedding photography style.

I see my photography coverage as a 100% organic and honest reflection of happenings on couple’s wedding day. Wedding coverage without interruptions, artificial fluff and sugarcoated meows. Coverage, where I don’t build scenes and don’t set up fake moments.

In other words, instead of creating my own wedding photographer’s reality, I just try to show magic of simple happenings of your wedding day.

It works best when I simply let people be who you are.

candid portrait of wedding photographer with camera at wedding reception in Madison, WI

At work as a Madison WI wedding photographer at Madison Downtown wedding. Photo by Lauren Justice.

my background

I was born and grew up in Lithuania, went to school there and got myself a degree in civil engineering. Life went on, one thing led to another and I ended up coming to Madison Wisconsin in year 2001.

In my life I’ve worked in quite a few different fields: advertisement, construction business, restaurant industry, real estate, etc. and ended up becoming as a full-time portrait and wedding photographer in Madison,Wisconsin area since 2012.

As a result, I am down-to-earth kind of guy who have seen it all and nowadays spends most of his time with wife, two kids and Australian cattle dog. When not working, I cook, get around town on my Japanese vintage bikes, workout at Ford’s Gym, and read books.

I also travel the world whenever I get a chance.

Finally, few of my day-to-day values: care about others, love big, be yourself, be honest, live in the moment, take risks, work hard and party even harder.

wedding photographer with photo gear in his hands during wedding photography workshop

With my colleagues during wedding photography workshop in Outer Banks, NC. Photo by Danny Klimetz.

Looking for quality wedding photography with highly customized packages at affordable rates? Or maybe just need an expert opinion to make sure your wedding day timeline looks good? Wondering how much my wedding photography cervices cost and would like get a free wedding photography estimate?

See my page with a list of common questions wedding photographers in Madison, Wisconsin get asked a lot. Drop me a line. I might be able to help you! Because when not traveling, I’m in my Madison Wisconsin studio most of the weekdays and normally available to set-up a meeting or a consultation on a short notice.

let’s get you married!