When Gov. Scott Walker took broad swipe at public employee unions and politics heated up in February of 2011, Sarah and Matt both took to social media to watch the events at the Capitol unfold. They on Twittet under the handles of @matt_t1 and @sjzep in March. In April they met in person. It was Koi No Yokan – the sense upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall in love.

Couple got to know each other and over year later we jumped in and decided to blend our families. It wasn’t easy. Five kids ages 2-13 then. Ex-spouses. Hardly the things most love stories are made.

But over the next two years, Sarah and Matt survived what they call #barelycontrolledinsanity- their kids became siblings, and both the good times and the challenging times brought them all closer.
It took just three months to plan their Olbrich Botanical Gardens wedding in order to celebrate how far they’d come as partners and how their family had grown.
Weather on Sarah’s and Matt’s wedding happened to be one of the hottest I worked this summer. Team of 7- 2 parents and 5 kids arrived in Olbrich Botanical Gardens with limo. After moving indoors they were greeted by close friends and family and everyone started getting ready for the ceremony.
Wedding ceremony took place in the garden outdoors. Emotional ceremony was filled with laughter and tears and smiles and heat and sweat all other small things that make you enjoy life.

So let’s raise our glasses to Twitter, protests, Koi No Yokan, flame less LED tea lights and happy end! Salud!

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Ceremony and Reception: Olbrich Botanical Gardens
Floral: Choles Floral
Dress: Davids’s Bridal
Hair/Makeup: Tammy Goepfert from Luxe Hair Studio
Catering: Blue Plate Catering
Wedding Date: 8.29.2014

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