Everything is planned. Big ideas, big expectations. Engagement photography, wedding photography or  any kind of photography is planned for that day. And then it starts raining.
What happens then? Do you cancel the photo session and move engagement photography Madison WI to the other day?
The answer is simple. You move on, solve the problem and make things work for you and the client. This is is the answer that distinguishes the difference between amateur and professional photographer.

Sally and Sunil were great. We’ve met at Steep and Brew Coffee House to warm up and wait to wait and see if the rain stops drizzling. During our conversation I learned that Sally is from Northern Wisconsin and Sunil is from Mumbai, India. Couple is going to visit Sunil’s motherland this February. How exciting is that?!?

As soon the rain stopped we moved on with engagement photography Madison WI. This beautiful couple truly rocked it- breezy weather, small rain drizzles here and there didn’t scare them away. From Memorial Union Terrace via lake shore bike path we reached Picnic Point stopping at numerous University of Wisconsin Campus locations in between.

Before calling it a day we stopped by at Sally’s place to capture part of their family that couldn’t make it for a Sunday walk. Lucy is 100% awesome cat! She was very hospitable, friendly did not mind camera presence and showed me around her apartment.

 engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0533 engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0566 engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0591 engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0657 engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0661engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0644engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0676engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0777 engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0692 engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0667engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0610engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0802engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0811 engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0874engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0817engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0831 engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0871 engagement_photography_Madison_WI_Queens_and_hearts_Sally_Sunil-0822

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