Winnequah Park Engagement Session In Monona, WI | Bethany And Conor



When Conor have met Bethany mister learned that lady liked donuts and hot apple cider. Mister learned that lady was into cute pugs. So when the First Date happened in Winnequah Park in Monona it happened with the BANG! Hot apple cider (heated up on location), bag of donuts from Lapacek’s Apple Orchard (it’s 45 minutes drive from Madison) and two pugs.
And if you look back into how things enrolled afterwards, Conor’s first date was a great success! The couple is getting married in late 2015 Spring!

So when planning their engagement photo session we decided that having it all again would be the right thing to do. Conor couldn’t score to get puppies this time, but the rest wasn’t a problem.

After enjoying beautiful Saturday afternoon in Winnequah Park we did head to the busy Memorial Union where the couple used to hang out a lot when Beth was in school.

Stanley the pug you see in the images (lives in Marquette neighborhood, likes back rub and Sun bathing) did not participate in this Memorial Union Terrace engagement HOWEVER badly wanted to congratulate Bethany and Conor. True story!
DISCLAIMER: No pugs were harmed during this Memorial Union Terrace engagement photo session.

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TO BETHANY: Stanley was photographed couple weeks ago hanging out in his backyard and enjoying last warm Autumn days. I have decided to include one image of his as he’s the only pug who’s portrait I have on file. You would totally like this fella.


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