about my wedding photography style and philosophy behind it

guests falling on the wet dance floor in Prevailing Winds lodge wedding

what’s my wedding photography style and philosophy behind it?

I talked in detail what are the most common wedding photography styles and what are their pros and cons in previous posts. This article will explain what is my photography style and will dig into I do things the way I do. I will also also include image examples from the wedding I’ve photographed in the past.

I specialize in a wedding photojournalism, also known as documentary wedding photography. During this style of wedding photography coverage, I do not control or manipulate the scenes that I am witnessing. I approach wedding day events without predefined judgment. I take whatever life throws at me and make wedding story out of it.

Below is some wedding photojournalism principles I follow and my reasoning behind them.


I won’t tell you where to stand or what to do

Seriously, I won’t. If you’ll ask me for some guidance, I will definitely help you out. But I will do my best to not interrupt your wedding day thoughts and happenings in any way. It’s you day. I am there document it with my camera, not to be part of your memories.

wedding photographer philosophy: I won't touch or move things around while groom is getting ready with bride's picture dressed up in other room


I won’t touch or move things around.

It’s pretty straightforward: if I do, I start creating my own story. It’s your day. It’s your story. No touching!

Maybe there is not story behind why this banana was left on the wows. But maybe there is. And I am fine with “maybe”. And if I am right, I just captured an image that will trigger your smile every time you see it. And if I am wrong, well, I’m wrong.

types of wedding photography-wedding photojournalism: banana fruit is laying on top of brides wedding vows


I won’t create my version of your story.

Why should I? It’s your wedding day, it’s your story!

an example of wedding photojournalism: flower girls are very excited about bride and groom


I won’t boss you around.

I will be there with you but I will stay quiet. I will observe and listen, but I won’t really talk unless asked to do so. I will let you experience and enjoy those intimate and genuine moments of your magic day.

wedding photography style: photojournalism. Gay couple standing on Madison Children’s Museum rooftop and enjoying private moment


I will let you be true you.

Seriously. It’s YOUR wedding day ! You are surrounded by people who love you most. And you (hopefully) won’t be judged for who you are. So why pretend to be someone you are not? Be yourself, I’ve got your back!
Let’s have a fucking party like there’s no tomorrow!!!

wedding photography style: photojournalism. four adult people doing shots from shot ski______________

I hope you like my wedding photography style and wedding photojournalism is wedding photography style you are looking for. If you have any questions or interest in my services, do not hesitate shoot me a message via contact links below or check out commonly asked questions in my FAQ page. Give me a shout! I would love to be part your your wedding day!