Jenny, Pip and One Helluva Wet Prevailing Winds Lodge Wedding

Bride and groom portrait in Prevailing Winds lodge


+ Prevailing Winds lodge wedding in Blue Mounds, WI

It’s Saturday on Labor Day weekend. I am at Prevailing Winds lodge in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin.

Hanging out with Jenny, Pip and their tribe. Observing and documenting happenings around me. Getting ready part of the wedding day is at full swing.

Final decorations finding their places at the reception tent high atop of prairie nearby.

Brian, wedding officiant and owner of Maduro, is going through ceremony’s timeline.

Members of immediate family and closest friends continuously showing up at the door step.

Lots of good energy. Lots of hugs. Smiles. Cocktails.

There are also talks about severe thunderstorms predictions for the area.

I step outside to snap few pictures of wedding ceremony location. It’s under two oak trees with a handmade ribbon backdrop in between. “Chad, what’s the update for weather forecast this afternoon?” I shout. “Update is not good” Chad says. “Not good at all.”

I look up. Sun’s beaming through the leaves of lush late summer vegetation. Skies look happy. Weather is fine.

Until it’s not.

Within half an hour sun’s gone. Skies grow darker every minute. Lights start coming up in rooms of the Prevailing Winds lodge.

First wedding guests getting dropped off at the lodge. Wedding ceremony is planned to start in 40 minutes or so.

And suddenly the skies open up.

And all hell breaks loose.


That afternoon, over 200 wedding guests that arrived ready for an outdoor wedding ceremony, end up gathering inside Prevailing Winds lodge to wait out first wave of rain.

While everybody lingers under the roof, hardcore bridal party team is transporting all wedding ceremony attributes from outdoor location to wedding reception tent.

Rain, and the fact that groom’s suite was left at home in Madison, delay wedding ceremony start by hour and a half.

As soon as reception tent is ready to accommodate wedding ceremony and rain slows down, weeding guests make their way to the tent.

Lots of umbrellas and lots of bare feet are present.

People move in just in time- second wave of rain pour was about to start.

So is Jenny’s and Pip’s wedding ceremony.


It was definitely not your average wedding ceremony, and yet there was nothing weird about it either. Just bride and groom surrounded by smiling faces of friends and family, two dogs, and rain pounding the tent and splashing all over the dance floor.

And while the rain storm caused some pain the ass for everybody, without it, double rainbow some seriously beautiful sunset skies (see wedding pictures below) would not have ever happened.

And probably dancing later that night wouldn’t have happened d as well.

Though I might be wrong about that one.

As I often say to my wedding couples during the wedding consultation, “rain or shine, you two still are going to get married”. And few ups and downs you might encounter on your wedding day- well, that’s just life at its best. It all will make your wedding day more adventurous and more memorable.

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Bride’s mother cooking food in Prevailing Winds lodge kitchen Wedding reception tent in prairie Blue Mounds, Wisconsin bridal party laughing while getting ready in Prevailing Winds lodge, Wisconsin bride and groom drinking champagne during getting readyWedding ceremony spot under the oak trees wedding officiant is checking the timelineflower girl being dressed rain storm on a wedding day in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin two groomsmen working in the rain in Blue Mounds, Wisconsinwedding guests getting off the school buswedding guests in Prevailing Winds lodge, Blue Mounds, Wisconsintwo dogs sitting on Prevailing Winds lodge porch stairsgrooms mother and groom looking at each other wedding guests walking to the wedding ceremony location wedding guest at the outdoor bar during heavy rain wet floor in wedding tent in Prevailing Winds lodgeflower girl during Prevailing Winds lodge wedding ceremony outdoor wedding ceremony in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin bride and groom parents smiling during wedding ceremony wedding guests cheering after wedding ceremony bride and groom wedding portrait in prairie near Prevailing Winds lodge bride and groom tearing up during wedding speeches sunset outside the wedding tent in Blue Mounds, Wisconsinorange sunset skies in prairie near Blue Mounds, Wisconsinwedding guests dancing at the outdoor weddingwedding guests waiting in line for photobooth in Prevailing Winds lodgewedding guests dancing at the outdoor wedding reception guests dancing in Prevailing Winds lodge wedding bride’s and grooms first dance in Prevailing Winds lodge wedding bride with her girlfriends at the Barmadillo bar wine bottles left on table at the wedding reception bride hugging with a group of friends at the Prevailing Winds lodge wedding wedding guests dancing and sliding on the wet dance floor guests falling on the wet dance floor in Prevailing Winds lodge wedding groom interacting with a guest at the Prevailing Winds lodge weddingbride’s dirty feet and dress covered in dirt brother of the bride stashing wine for the after party darkness of the night at the after party


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Wedding Venue: Prevailing Winds Lodge
Hair & Makeup: Midwest Beauty House
Cocktail bar: Barmadillo