Stewart Lake County Park Engagement Session in Mount Horeb, WI


I met Hanna and Jonathan in Stewart Lake County Park in Mount Horeb, WI to capture their engagement session. It was a beautiful fall day full of colors, fallen leaves and warmth. After a short chat in the parking lot we headed out to the park. I picked up my digital camera and started taking pictures just to realize that something was wrong with my equipment- camera was not focusing correctly.

So it was time for a plan B. And this time my backup was not very usual. I opened my second bag, reached in and took out Hasseblad 500CM. Yes, legendary Uncle “H”, camera that Apollo 11 crew used to take their famous images on Moon. Some serious machinery from the past I initially I brought for fun and to take few snapshots in the end of the session.

I counted the film I brought with me- I had couple rolls of 120mm Kodak Portra 400 and a roll and a half of Ilford HP5. Total of approximately 30 exposures. More than enough if you know what your are doing. (:

And so the photo session began… And Hanna and Jonathan were super excited about it. And so was I! And it took me 2 hours and 30 minutes to go through those 30 exposures. And it was so much fun.

Couple took me to the beautiful old oak tree overlook where Jonathan proposed to Hanna this past summer. That spot couldn’t be more peaceful and magic.

And in the end I was very much thankful for the fact that my digital camera malfunctioned. True story!

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TECH STUFF: Hasseblad 500CM is a fully manual medium format film camera that takes 120mm film an has no built in light meter. So when using it often am accompanied by Sekonic L-758DR light meter. I love it’s spot metering and find it crucial especially when taking images in black and white. I honestly think that using uncle Hasselblad 500CM (or any fully manual film camera) for film photography Madison WI is a must for every serious photographer. It sure slows you down, but boy oh boy it puts your brain to work. All images were re-shot with DSLR and imported + converted in Lightroom 5 afterwards.

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Hasselblad 500CM gallery on Flickr: more Hasselblad 500CM galleries
More about camera: Hasseblad 500CM
Film: Kodak Portra 400 and Ilford HP5
Film Developing: Camera Co.
Engagement Date: 10.5.2014

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